TruPixel Media LLC provides professional concept development and branding services via Web Design, Vfx, & Cgi.  We have expertise in front end & back-end design with industry standard hardware and software for these applications. These services support the branding and core development for companies and their products and services. TruPixel specializes in photo-realistic 3D elements for web, print and video media. TruPixel also creates content for 3D printing, product development and prototyping.

Here is a list of services and industries we design to:


  • *3D Architectural Visualization with WebGl  (sample)
  • New sites, site overhauling, site redesign
  • SEO
  • Content creation for pages and social media
  • Scale-able Virtual Computing (Amazon EC2) setup and management
  • +more



  • *3D  Photo realistic large format print design for business branding or consumer accessories. Applications include: Environmental graphic design (EGD), Long term printed adhesive vinyl (vehicle wraps), Interior design.
  • *3D 3D Printing. Applications include: design visualization, part and product design/development, architecture, paleontology + more
  • Interior / exterior display design visualization to installation
  • *3D Interior & exterior design visualization to installation. Floor plans, isometric elevation renders, remodeling visualizations
  • Corporate identity & branding, stationery, letterhead, business cards,
  • +more


  • *3D 3D product / part design, simulations, visualizations
  • *3D FX & Enhancement, CGI, Bumpers, Intros, Logo animation.
  • *3D Broadcast VFX supervision
  • *3D Post production, grading, enhancement, motion tracking, composting
  • *3D Filming, editing
  • *3D System visualization
  • *3D Adwords for video


At TruPixel we metabolize this stuff. We are passionate, dedicated designers, eager for interesting projects that push the limits of tends and technology. Lets work together on your next idea.

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