Engineering Design
Josh Atencio

An Animation of the worlds most powerful telescope E-ELT Dome (European Extremely Large Telescope)


explains that this telescope will produce images 15 times sharper than the Hubble Telescope using 5 mirrors. It appears that they use LADSAT data to create 3D geometry for the geology. Then add the telescope model and create the animation. It’s hard to tell if the mirror cover that opens and closes is going to actually be faceted or if the modeling detail for this was disregarded. The latter is my best guess seeing as how the platform/ base of the telescope also has sharp angled geometry. I do like the look of this however, so if this happens to be how they have actually designed it then it is still impressive. There is quite a bit of detail with in the telescope’s model which causes me to slightly believe that this is actually how the telescope will look.

The ESO (European Southern Observitory) is calling this the world’s biggest eye on the sky. The telescope will have a 39 meter aperture detecting optical and infrared light. It is located in the Chilean Atacama Desert due to the high number of cloudless skies through out the year. The stated goal of ESO is to search for Cosmic Origins.

Adaptive mirrors are incorporated into the optics of the telescope to compensate for the fuzziness in the stellar images introduced by atmospheric turbulence. One of these mirrors is supported by more than 5000 actuators that can distort its shape a thousand times per second. The ability to observe over a wide range of wavelengths from the optical to mid-infrared will allow scientists to exploit the telescope’s size to the fullest extent.