Josh Atencio


Many of these products are reminiscent to Google’s NEST. The trend’s direction is to make the world around you smarter via apps and gadgets. The best one of the list is The Flic. Its an actual button that you can stick to anything using velcro, adhesive, strap or magnet. Plug it into your computer or phone and program it to do anything really. An example: You can program a button to turn on all of the lights in the house when you get home. You can program it to when pushed play your dvr or start recording your dvr. you can even program it to send a message to your autonomous lawn mover to get started. If you have one.

The products in the video:

1.Morpher Helmet http://www.morpherhelmet.com/ 2.The Flic http://flic.io/#/ 3.Spin Remote http://www.spinremote.com/ 4.Air Dock http://www.theairdock.com/ 5.The Brio http://www.briohouse.com/ 6.The Habitat http://www.gohabitat.com/ 7.Skoog https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sk…